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Dan K. Sigurd's short story Ugly Utopia is currently being adapted as a series. Become part of the project by donating to the crowdfunding campaign, which will be active from the 1st till the 31st of May under this link:


This is a video of a past reading by Dan K. Sigurd:

Reading in Los Angeles:

This is a video from a past reading from Thoughts Without Conclusions:

If you have a blog you find yourself being compared to other literature that originated from these kinds of forums. 
There have been shiny examples of hope like horror novel parodys that hooked the reader by claiming that "John dies at the end". 
But most think of sado-masochist fan-fiction, based on books that has tainted the word "twilight" forever, when it comes to blogs, since the book series it spawned, which's name makes any author regret ever using the phrase "shades of grey", has dwarfed its compeditors with its profits.
Eventhough a proper website requires money, time and expertise it seems preferable which is why this page is now making this transition. You can access the second stage of presentation of Thoughts Without Conclusions in the digital world by following this link.

You can find other texts by Dan K. Sigurd at:


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You can find an excerpt from the book, that deals with poetry and prose in the digital age, by following this link .
For example a poem on writing and publishing on machines .

Read Just Antoher Job, a gonzo filmcritique on the Production of The Fifth Estate:

You can read the article "Just Another Job", a gonzo filmcritique on the Production of "The Fifth Estate, when you follow this link

Article about Dan K. Sigurd in the TAZ Newspaper and a Counterstatement:

The project room Pappel44 was visited by a young writer, trying to get a hold in that dying collossos called the publishing business by doing an internship. Due to the loss of a notebook and pressure from the editor the final article unfortunately contained a few factual mistakes like misquoting, the misspelling of names and the rather absurd creation of a "individual collective of expansionary anarchists".
Since this text can now not only be found in the archives of the TAZ (following this link), but has also been discovered in different realms of the internet, with new pictures (following this link) it seems like a counterstatement is needed, to portray this scene from a different perspective. The text that was penned on the night of the reporters visit can now be downloaded below:


Article by Dan K. Sigurd in the Multiple Choice:

If you have found your way here because of the note at the end of the article "Try to Look at it This Way - A Gonzo Article on The Diving Bell and the Butterfly", that text has been shortened by the editor. Below you can download the complete article:

Videos of Public Readings:

This is the video of a reading in France that corresponds with a chapter that can be found by searching the eBook for "his body was shaken by shivers and he just lay there on his side"

This is a reading of a chapter that can be found by searching the eBook for "Sid was awoken late at night" 

What are these Thoughts Without Conclusions?

Thoughts Without Conclusions is the first novel by the aspiring/ struggling author Dan K. Sigurd, about a young man who lives in a Central European metropolis and spends his time studying, exploring the culture of excess and consumption that surrounds him and with working on various Theater and Filmprojects.  
He becomes increasingly isolated and distrustful of humanity, finding shelter in the dreamworld of "The Doctor" and an assignment to write about Gonzo journalism, as well as in the ruins of past regimes that surround the city.
On this site you can download the first version of an enhanced eBook that has been designed for Tablets with touchscreens as well as regular Computers against a donation of your choice. Below you'll also find video-loops that accompany parts of the novel information about past and upcoming readings and now also the Link to an upcoming website...

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For a customized or printed version and any further information: info{at}dan-k-sigurd.com